The Month of LOVE – How to Ignite More Self-Love

LOVE makes the world go around and today we want to talk about the most important kind of love… self-love.

WHAT IS SELF- LOVE? Regard for one’s own wellbeing and happiness.

As simple as that sounds, nothing is as simple as its dictionary meaning, right? Self-love is kindness to ourselves and others. It is confidence in who we are and being able to stand in our own truth.

So why, when it comes to self-love, is that sometimes that hardest kind of love? Knowing how to look after our greatest wellbeing and happiness doesn’t always look the same. There’s a matrix that ignites self-love and sometimes it’s more important to focus on certain areas than others to keep us balanced. So let’s talk ways we can practise self-love.

From our Founder Piyané: 

“The simplest way I can explain self-love is this: 

Example: Without saying she loves you, when you are sick, your mum drops soup off for you. Or when our kids are sick, we might stay up late to look after them. Or when we are worried we are going to get fired, our friend is loving enough to make up white lies at 3am to comfort us, saying, “oh I think it’ll be ok – don’t overthink it” after listening to us ranting for hours. Or a simple “I’m here for you” text from a partner. These ACTIONS = love. 

Love = Do (even when we don’t feel like it) 

Self-love = actions toward self (even when we don’t feel like it)

So I explain to my clients that even when they are doubting and don’t feel like it, to just show up and DO things for themselves anyway.

Unpopular opinion: discipline in self-development is self-love.”



Gratitude is critical in how we manage our perceptions and mindset in both the easy and hard times of life. If we spend time in gratitude daily it helps us evoke appreciation and kindness that we can extend to ourselves and the world around us. 


Nourishing our bodies is so important to our holistic wellbeing. Finding the balance that suits you looks different for everyone. Finding foods that help bring our your best gut health is important in feeling good from the inside out. 


Practising being present in the moment is a way to open new levels of happiness. After all, the moment is the only thing guaranteed! If you catch yourself constantly living in the future or past, you are not letting yourself really be present. Try taking deep breaths every time you are tempted to live in the future or the past – and bring yourself back into the moment you are in right now.

“It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension opens up.” Eckhart Tolle 

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Self-care routines are a part of our lifestyle here at Nalia. Self-care is not just about skincare – at Nalia our philosophy is more than just ‘skincare’. Our rituals are a reminder to slow down, check in with ourselves and stay hydrated. Make no apologies about it – fill yourself up and bring out your inner GLOW. Try making morning and night self-care time in-between your busy schedule, including things that make you feel good. We recommend trying our Luminous Serum in your current self-care time to bring out that flawless skin dewy glow.


You need to live your life for yourself first because when your cup is full you are able to look after your wellbeing and show up as your best self. Feeling like you are living for yourself allows you to be a better friend and partner, and to live in alignment. 


Try to keep connected with the things and people that make you feel respected and appreciated. 


Movement is a way to release blockages in our bodies. Finding ways to move your body even just by taking a walk is a great way to look after yourself. If you want to challenge yourself, consider looking into fitness styles you are curious about or slowing down with Yoga.


Spending just 30 minutes in nature helps prevent blood pressure by 10% (Healthline). Being outside can also help alleviate anxiety and stress, so take yourself to our favourite park or beach and feel the power of Mother Nature.  


Letting go of anything holding you back is a big part of loving ourselves and accepting our journey. Forgiveness allows us to live with the lightness of hope and supports our inner happiness. 


Giving your mind space is a great way to reduce stress and allow yourself to optimise your mind. Overwhelmed by your schedule? Try locking out time in your daily diary for meditation or integrate it with your yoga practice. 

The ways in which we love ourselves may change throughout life, but when you are feeling a little lost, try bringing yourself back to your self-love foundations and recharging yourself. 


If you are struggling, perhaps focussing on your mental health and self-care will help support you more at those times. If you are feeling stuck, perhaps self-discovery and listening to your inner voice may be your best friend then. 

To keep the balance, remember to spend time in all the areas of your foundation of self-love:

  • Self-Discovery – never stop learning and evolving 
  • Mental Health – look after and value your mind and emotions
  • Self-Acceptance – how you really feel about yourself  
  • Inner Voice – connect with your intuition 
  • Self-Care – give yourself the love you seek 
  • Boundaries – essential for strong healthy relationships with yourself and others 

“Self-love is a constant choice. It’s not a magical feeling that appears one day. It’s a commitment to your boundaries, your well-being, your mental and emotional health, and your body.” (Tiny Buddha) 

We invite you to indulge in your self-love journey. It’s the most important love story in your life! 

Love from the team at Nalia

Author: Tia Metaxas

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