Buy Yourself Flowers – Loving Yourself First

Have you ever waited for someone to come along & show you love? 

Buy you flowers? 

Take you on a trip? 

Well, we know the feeling.  

Flowers, trips, date-nights - they’re all amazing with someone special but the truth of the matter is you are someone special. 

At Nalia, we believe the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. 

This means how you speak to yourself matters, how you speak about yourself matters, how you look after your body and your mental health matters and how you show up for yourself (just like you would show up for someone else in your life that you love) matters. 

It’s okay to start small. You don’t have to be a self-love warrior all at once.

This beautiful week in Spring, what we’re asking is that you join us in a little self-love act and 🌼buy 🌸yourself 🌻flowers🌷

It could be a little bunch – it could be the biggest most extravagant bunch you can find. 

Make it your favourite! You know yourself best. 

Take the time to put them in a vase, listen to your favourite playlist while you do it & set up a little place in your house just for something to bring you joy. 
Since we always practise what we preach, checkout our outing to the markets here.

Pretty please tag us @love.nalia in your flower stories & posts. 

We would absolutely love to see how you treat yourself. 


The Nalia Team

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