New Beginnings – Our Founder’s Story

To know where someone has come from can be significant. Beginnings are one of the most beautiful parts of life and we want to share ours with you. 

Welcome to Nalia. 

We are so happy that you’re here. 

We really couldn’t start our first blog with just some quippy skincare facts because, in truth, this brand is so much more than that. So let’s just get to the heart of things. 

At Nalia, we believe taking terrific care of your skin isn’t just a physical thing. It is also a mindfulness practice – meditative, healing and unapologetically centred on you

This philosophy isn’t just a nice thought or a few inspirational lines of prose, but it’s one as a team we live by and we engage with daily.

Created by Cambodian-Australian beauty influencer, entrepreneur, self-love warrior (and incredible boss-babe) Piyane, Nalia is all about reigniting your love of me-time, and none of this is by accident. 

Nalia was born out of a time in Piyane’s life that was a really difficult path to walk. Out of her darkest times, when self-care seemed impossible, the dream for Nalia was imagined. 

Then came the plans, the years of work and of small steps toward self-love all wrapped up in a little bottle of serum – a little bottle of hope. 

It’s hard to fully articulate what Nalia means, so why not hear it straight from Piyane who is telling the story behind Nalia for the first time here.

You are so much more than your darkest times, we all are.

We hope that this community can be more than skincare, that you will join us in intentional and vulnerable love for self, whatever that looks like through all seasons of life. 

A beginning can sometimes feel defining, but the truth is, we are blessed with a new beginning each day.

If you want to hear about all the amazing things our little hero product Luminious serum can do, stick around! We promise – this skincare will glow you up.

Follow our little community, we would love to see your virtual face! 

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