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Keep your wild curls or wispy bangs tidy and dry during Skin Care Sunday. Make your self-care rituals even more intentional and unapologetically cute with this silky tamer of tresses.
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30ml 1.01 fl oz

Vitamin C brightens skin
Use alone or as a primer
Natural ingredients
Cruelty-free promise

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Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid & Finger Lime Caviar.

How to use

How to +

Apply a few drops to a fresh, cleansed face morning and night. Gently massage in with fingertips before moisturising. Leaves skin soft and supple.

Texture +

Silky, light & easily absorbs into skin

Best results +

Use morning and night to maximise performance.

Can be used as a primer before makeup or use before your moisturiser.

Proof is in the pictures

Consumer Studies +

All participants would recommend the Nalia Luminous Serum to a friend. More Results.

What does our serum do? +
  • Deeply hydrates skin
  • Increases collagen production 
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Clears redness & hyperpigmentation
  • Clears sun damage spots
  • Promotes radiant skin
Organic Ingredients +

Featured Ingredients:

Australian Native Finger Lime Caviar: This multi-tasking superfruit is particularly kind to sensitive, dehydrated skin. It is a potent source of vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants, these tangy pearls defy dullness and signs of ageing.

Vitamin C & Vitamin E: To support the skin healing process, improve the appearance of ageing skin, support the healing of acne and dark spot scarring as well as preventing sun damage.

Hyaluronic acid: Supporting deep skin hydration along with wound healing and prevention of wrinkles due to increase in skin elasticity. Also supports facial redness and eczema. 

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Love this! So soft and silky 😍