10 of The Biggest Beauty Myths Unlocked

We are here to make sure you don’t get caught out by the beauty myths and false advice that waste time and energy for many of us.  

There are a lot of trends these days. So how much of what is trending is actually good advice? We want to always make sure you have the best guidance when it comes to your skincare routine … so let’s go uncover the biggest beauty myths.

Beaty Myths Uncovered

Beauty Myths Unlocked Nalia Cosmetics

1. Pores open and close 

This is incorrect. Generally it’s the blood vessels in your face, not pores, that open and close, due to fluctuating temperature.

2. Shaving grows hair back thicker

This is one of the oldest myths, and it seems to have a chokehold on so many of us! Really, the hair may just seem thicker or more coarse when it is growing back, especially if you use a blunt razor.

3. Natural products don’t irritate skin and are better

This is not always the case, because natural products may still include natural ingredients that irritate sensitive skin. It’s best to always review the ingredients of each product, and look for those suitable for sensitive skin.

4. You only need SPF if you are going outside 

Skin specialists say that it is crucial to wear SPF even when indoors as ‘UVA’ light can still cause premature skin ageing.

5. Dark circles can be healed with sleep 

Although for most people sleep can help with the appearance of dark circles, it is not so simple for others. Genetic components can contribute to those dark circles under the eyes. 

6. The order of applying skincare products doesn’t matter 

To make your skincare the most effective, then order really does matter! Some skincare specialists advise to apply thinnest products to thickest, or even just follow the process of application (Clean > Serum > Moisturise > SPF).

Beauty Myths Unlocked Nalia Cosmetics

7. Never pop pimples 

Occasionally there may be a good time to pop a pimple – but usually it is best to just leave it heal naturally and avoid the risk of scarring and spreading. It is ok to pop a whitehead pimple once. But you should not pop pimples that are deep under the skin because this can cause inflammation and breakouts. 

8. You don’t need SPF if your makeup contains it 

Generally speaking your makeup does not have enough SPF to protect your skin sufficiently, so you should always apply SPF underneath your makeup. 

9. Oily skin does not need oil

Oily skin still needs the right amount of oil for moisture. Sometimes not moisturising oily skin can lead to more oil! With the right amount of moisture you can keep your skin smooth and nourished.

10. Pores can be shrunk 

Did you know pore size is actually genetically determined? All of the old tales about shrinking pores are actually incorrect. Your pores can be cleaned and appear larger or smaller due to heat or cold, but they don’t actually change size.

We hope you feel empowered to find your best skincare routine free of any myths that might be holding your glow back.

Stay tuned for more skincare advice on our blog! 

Love Nalia

Author: Tia Metaxas  

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