Skincare for the changing seasons – is the cold weather impacting your skin?

Seasonal tips to stay dewy & healthy all year around

Finding a good skincare routine all year round isn’t always simple. We are here to help give you some seasonal skincare tips to keep you feeling confident in your skin all year.

Right now, it is cold winter in Melbourne and we are hearing so many people complain about their dry skin. We love finding solutions and we love learning more about how to take care of our skin all year round. 


In the summertime we often find that our skin is naturally more oily and this can be great. However, it can also lead to grease build-up, stickiness and blocked pores, which then leads to acne breakouts. 

To prevent these skin issues we recommend our Luminous Serum as your daily serum and moisturiser. When used underneath makeup it helps to protect your skin from any harmful products and nourish your skin with deep hydration properties, making it glow.

In summer, you need to be most aware of the sun's rays, causing tanning (also known as skin hyperpigmentation), so using a high amount of SPF (30+ minimum) is most critical.

Main tips: High SPF ++ daily, keep sun exposure down and ensure you hydrate your skin efficiently.

Summer skincare tips nalia cosmetics


In the winter, we often find our skin is dryer than usual, which can have harsh effects. Dryness can cause irritation and make our skin more susceptible to problems like breakouts and dullness. 

When our skin is dry, though it may sound a simple process to hydrate it, many products don’t penetrate deep enough to provide effective hydration, which may lead to more problems.

Main tips: Focus on hydration; use sensitive products that don't aggravate dry skin; don’t forget to still use SPF; & try face-masking at night for deep hydration.

winter skincare tips nalia cosmetics 


These seasons tend to be less tough on the skin, but it is still important to stay in tune with your routine to see if any adapting is needed. 

Main tips: Use these months to balance your skin's needs, exfoliate and moisturise, try new products, and continue to protect your skin against the sun's rays by using SPF.


SPF is not just a summertime thing! We should be wearing SPF every day because we need to protect our skin from UV rays which are not only powerful in sunny weather, but also when the sky is clouded and overcast. 

Learn more about your skin


If you don’t understand your skin, then we recommend learning more to look after your skin best. Have you seen Chinese face maps that show the areas of impact within your body, based on your breakouts? These can help you find out which areas of your skin may need the most attention.

Face mapping nalia cosmetics

Why the Nalia Luminous Serum is the perfect for all year around

  • Highly hydrating from hyaluronic acid
  • Great serum & moisturiser combined  
  • Works on restoring skin & enhancing texture 
  • Protects skin from breaking down & supports healing

We hope this blog helps you learn more about the seasonal impacts on your skin and how to best support your skin through both storms and sunshine.

Shine all year around with Nalia Cosmetics!

Author: Tia Metaxas 

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