5 reasons your skincare routine may not be working for you

It isn’t always easy to find the right skincare routine to help your skin glow and make you feel confident. It can be hard to even understand where you are going wrong if you can’t find a good balance. So we are here to help you with some suggestions to optimise your skincare routine and find your glow all year round.

1. You may not be consistent or may not have been using products for long enough

It is key to be consistent with your routine and to use products for at least the recommended length of time, before you can expect to see results.

2. You may have hormonal changes that are impacting your skin 

Hormones can be the biggest contributor to our skin breakouts. Consult your doctor or naturopath if you feel you might be affected in this way.

3. Your products may not be right for your skin 

Have you ever consulted a skin specialist? To understand your skin it’s always great to get an expert's advice to help empower you to choose products that are better suited to your skin type.

4. Your lifestyle may not be supporting your skin health

Are you currently experiencing a changed routine? Have you been travelling a lot lately? It's important to understand that changes in your lifestyle may impact your skin. Be kind to yourself during these changes and try to notice the small things that may be impacting your skin.

5. You may not be adapting your routine to different seasons 

You may need to adapt your skincare routine in summer vs winter. Our CEO Piyané has been using our Luminous Serum for years. During the summer, she only needs a little bit of Luminous Serum under her SPF, but in winter she applies the serum first, then often follows it with moisturiser and finally SPF.

Have you used our Luminous Serum in your routine yet?

We love seeing our happy customers feeling more confident within their own skin, and seeing their blemishes clear after using our Luminous Serum. We believe beauty is more than skin-deep... but having skin that makes you feel proud can also add to your confidence! 

The Nalia effect – giving you confidence with every glow.

Before and After using Nalia Luminous Serum

Customer Results Using Nalia Luminous Serum

“I generally have lines on my face but with the help of the serum and the hydration it gave me, I saw an improvement in reducing any signs of ageing. I get red skin tone every now and then and this definitely helped – I would notice my face has an even skin tone once I started using Nalia.” (Andy)

Before After using Nalia Luminous Serum clear breakouts

Use it is a makeup base primer to help protect and hydrate your skin all day or all night long. Or use it on its own as a serum under your SPF.

Before After using Nalia Luminous Serum

Try our Luminous Serum to help restore, hydrate and clear your skin. 

“My skin instantly feels more hydrated from using the serum twice daily. After 2 days my skin felt and appeared dewier.” (Angela)

“My skin instantly feels more hydrated from using the serum twice daily. After 2 days my skin felt and appeared dewier.” (Angela)

Before after using Nalia Luminous Serum

Learn more about our Luminous Serum.

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Author: Tia Metaxas 

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