Your Ultimate Guide to the Nalia Luminous Serum including Customer Trial Results

About the Nalia Luminous Serum 

It can be hard to know what beauty products are best for your skin so we wanted to give you the ultimate guide to our Nalia Luminous Serum that is getting so much love from so many. 

Get your daily glow with the lush hydrating elixirs of Australian Native Finger Lime Caviar. This soothing serum boosts vital vitamin C and collagen production, leaving your skin hydrated, bright and age-defiant.

Key Features 

  • Silky hydration and texture
  • Natural fragrance
  • No nasties as our formula removes the bad stuff while adding the good stuff, so you can choose to be soothed, stimulated and shimmery every day
  • Multi-use – it can be used as a serum and primer as well as a serum, for the perfect makeup base

Hero Ingredients 

  • Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid
  • Australian Native Finger Lime Caviar is stunningly soothing and serious about repairs. This multi-tasking superfruit is particularly kind to sensitive, dehydrated skin
  • A potent source of vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidants, these tangy pearls defy dullness and signs of ageing

Benefits of Finger Lime Caviar 

  • Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells 
  • Boosts collagen 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help even skin tone, reduce fine lines & sun damage spots 
  • Promotes radiant skin


Customer Trial Results 

We took six women aged 22-37 who love skincare and asked them to trial our Luminous Serum day and night for two weeks and let us know their results.

SKIN HYDRATION: All trial participants felt their skin was more hydrated after using the Nalia Luminous Serum for two weeks.

SKIN TEXTURE/ GLOW: All trial participants felt their skin was ‘dewy’, ‘ glowy’ and ‘plumped’  after using the Nalia Luminous Serum

CONCERN FIXING: Participants with hyperpigmentation and dryness felt their skin improve by using the Nalia Luminous Serum within one week

SIGNS OF AGEING: Participants felt the appearance of lines was reduced after using the Nalia Luminous Serum

2 DAY RESULTS: Some participants felt their skin was more hydrated within only two days of using the product, and other participants saw results within two weeks of using the Nalia Luminous Serum

WOULD THEY RECOMMEND THE SERUM TO A FRIEND? All participants would recommend the Nalia Luminous Serum to a friend. 

All participants would recommend Nalia luminous serum

Feel deeply hydrated in 2 weeks with Nalia Luminous serum

Dewy and plumped skin with the Nalia Luminous Serum

Improve hyperpigmentation with the Nalia Luminous Serum

Quotes From Participants 

“Absolutely! My skin is so dry without any products and has a tendency to flake or flare up, especially around the nose area. The serum is so gentle on the skin and provides the moisture I truly need! This serum just soothed my skin beautifully and doesn’t sit thick or heavy, I’m obsessed! “  (Shanaia)

Shanaia testimonial Nalia Luminous Serum results

“I would 100% recommend this Serum to anyone looking for a hydrating serum that is light and powerful that leaves your skin with a glow perfect for the no-makeup dewy look.” (Tia)

“My skin instantly feels more hydrated from using the serum twice daily. After 2 days my skin felt and appeared dewier.” (Angela)

Angela customer testimonial Nalia Luminous serum

“I generally have lines on my face but with the help of the serum and the hydration it gave me, I saw an improvement in reducing any signs of ageing.I get red skin tone every now and then and this definitely helped – I would notice my face has an even skin tone once I started using Nalia.” (Andy)

Andy loves the Nalia luminous serum skin clear and glowy

“My skin looks clearer with a nice glow.” (Reena) 

Reena loves Nalia Luminous serum skincare success

How to use the Nalia Luminous Serum

  • Apply a few drops to a fresh, cleansed face in the morning and at night
  • Gently massage in with fingertips before moisturising
  • Leave your skin soft and supple
  • Use morning and night to maximise performance
  • Use as a primer before makeup or before applying moisturiser

Customer Reviews 

“AMAZING! I’ve been loving how soft and hydrated my skin feels!” (Hannah Lowe)

“My serum arrived beautifully packaged and was like opening a gift. I received it while preparing for surgery and it was so nourishing and felt like a true pampering when I really needed it. Thank you so much.” (Meg)

“For me the best thing about this serum is the beautiful smell. It smells fresh and invigorating and others have commented on how good I smell when I put it on. I would highly recommend this product to others.” (Bronwen)

“Absolutely in love with this serum. It’s so hydrating and leaves the most beautiful glow to my skin. It’s definitely going to be a summer favourite of mine.” (Gelaene) 

There are so many reasons we love our Luminous Serum and we hope that this article helps you learn more about why it’s loved by so many. 

Also don’t forget that we have a money back guarantee at Nalia so shop for your Luminous Serum today and let us know what you think. 

Love Nalia

Author: Tia Metaxas

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