Skincare 101 for a Healthy Glow the Do’s and Don’ts

We know that caring for ourselves and for our skin goes hand in hand. But how many of us do the wrong things when it come to skincare? Sometimes it’s little things we don’t even realise, so we are here to make sure that we are sharing all the best skincare tips to help us keep our glow.

Skincare is about more than just the products we put on our skin. It includes how we clean our skin, how we keep it healthy and how we care for one of the most important parts of ourselves. Skin makes up 15% of our total body weight, so it is a huge part of us.

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body, so taking care of it should be a priority if you want to feel comfortable in your body?

The Nalia skincare rules:

Do more of this:

  • Cover your face from the sun when possible (wear a hat, visor or shade)
  • Learn your skin type and customise your product routine based on this  
  • Follow the correct order of product application – cleanse/tone/apply serum/moisturise
  • Make sure to regularly clean your bedsheets, especially your pillow case
  • Stay hydrated – water is an integral part to skin health, so keep up your H2O
  • Choose products that are multi-use – like makeup and primers which also care for your skin, so they nourish more than normal products (like our Luminous Serum)

Things to avoid:

  • Don't just wear any type of SPF – rather, opt for SPF 50+ and a brand that is natural and doesn't contain oxybenzone
  • Don't just follow every skincare trend or use new products without researching them first
  • Don't over-clean your face (you don’t need to cleanse multiple times a day)

Piyané’s top skincare advice – stop doing the following:

Skincare tips from Piyane Nalia Cosmetics
  1. Don’t sleep with makeup on
  2. Don’t go outside without SPF 
  3. Don’t mix retinol with Vitamin C at night
  4. Don’t make your own skincare remedies because unless tried and tested for generations they aren’t always good for you
  5. Don’t touch your face with your hands

Piyané’s top skincare advice – add more of this to your routine:

Skincare tips from Piyane Nalia Cosmetics
  1. Be open to going extra with your products and aim for top tier products 
  2. Make sure to use your products on your neck, not just on your face
  3. Always use a toner and don’t underestimate its importance: it makes your skin soft and ready to receive all the moisture from your serum and moisturiser
  4. You can use your moisturiser as eye cream too; just don’t put it on your eyelids

We hope that these tips help reinforce healthy skin for you.

What are your skincare rules? Share them with us as we would love to know that tips and tricks you stick by for your glow.

Love Nalia

Author Tia Metaxas 

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