Flowers to a Stranger in NYC and Melbourne – Because You're Beautiful... by Nalia Cosmetics

Flowers to a stranger from New York City & Melbourne – "Because you're beautiful"

By Nalia Cosmetics

“Take a flower – because you're beautiful.” Love Nalia 

We wanted to share the love and spread positive vibes with our latest campaign, giving away complimentary flowers to our communities in New York and Melbourne. 

Why share flowers with strangers?

  • Because we want people to feel LOVED and beautiful.
  • We want to make people feel GOOD about themselves.
  • We love making people SMILE.

We want to use our brand to uplift the world and positively add to the lives of everyone around us... not only by using natural and effective skincare products, but by sharing the message that we are all beautiful, no matter what. 

Beauty does not come from our exterior image, it comes from within. We believe in being unapologetically ourselves – and through our authenticity our beauty shines the most.

We love spreading the word about our brand and making people feel uplifted in the process. We appreciate all the feedback and gratitude from everyone who received a flower and saw the campaign, we are overwhelmed by the love we received in return.

At Nalia we are passionate about empowering everyone to be their best self and find a deeper sense of self-love. Our brand and products are made to enhance your connection with yourself and keep you glowing... from the inside-out! 

Thank you for the love of our first product, the Luminous Serum. We are excited to release our further skincare collection in the coming months. We love that our Luminous Serum has become a pampering part of your skincare routine, helping your skin glow 24/7.

See the behind the scenes: 

Live from New York 


@love.nalia BTS setting up with the best backdrop possible. *Spot the flowers walk by at the start 🌸🫶🏼 #sharingthelove #flowers #love #manhattan #newyork #naliacosmetics #beauty #youarebeautiful #viral #marketing ♬ Da Girls - Ciara


Live from Melbourne


@love.nalia Sharing flowers to strangers in Melbourne because you are beautiful 🌸 #spreadlove #youarebeautiful #beautiful #beauty #flowers #skincare #marketing #chapelst #serum #brand #idea #melbourne ♬ Two Summers - Sunbeam Sound Machine


Where should we spread the love next? 

Love always, Nalia 

Author: Tia Metaxas 

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