How to celebrate the best Galantine’s Day with your besties

We will take any excuse to bring friends together to celebrate each other and Galentine’s Day is no exception! 

Did you know that Galentine’s Day is a non-official holiday on February 13th – to celebrate ‘platonic love’ and friendship. It originated from a popular TV show ‘Parks and Recreation’ in 2010 and it was all about declaring love and affection to the girlfriends who make up our support system! 

The whole point of this day is to appreciate the relationships and connections we have in our lives outside of our romantic lovers and what better way than to dedicate time and effort to spending a day/night together. And if you are single, it’s a great time to share love with your friends especially as it can reduce the dread of Valentine’s Day.

So to get Galentine’s Day started, here are our event planning tips to make the best event. 

1. Invite your best girlfriends & plan a dress code

Lock in the time and date (February 13th is a good aim), send the invitation and get planning. We recommend creating a fun dress code that everyone can feel themselves still but can be creative too.

2. Organise your event based on the things you love to do

Get out of the house and go somewhere that you love.

Nalia Cosmetics Luminous Serum Galentines Day Picnic Inspiration Beach Rose

Cheers Nalia Cosmetics Luminous Serum Galentines Day

3. Choose your location / backdrop

When choosing your location, we recommend finding somewhere that can be the perfect backdrop! Beaches and parks are a beautiful, calming choice that are the perfect outdoor location.

4. Think of food and drink (of-course)

If you want to really get cute with it, you can make love heart popsicles, pizza or cookies. Of-course you can also buy them, or just focus on whatever you and the crew enjoy drinking and eating.

5. Think of a bonding activity 

Some ideas include: Yoga / Walking / Games / Meditation

6. Share what you LOVE about each other

Take the time to tell each other something that you love about one another and be present in the moment.

7. Think of the senses

Taste – Fruits are great to keep you hydrated & stimulate our taste buds

Smell – Sage / Palo Santo 

Sound – Music 

Touch – We recommend for our skincare lovers having some Nalia Luminous Serum on hand to keep your skin glowing!

8. Share the gift of LOVE 

Whatever you organise, don’t forget the whole point is to be celebrating each other, so make sure you share the love and enjoy the vibe wherever you are.

 Picnic Nalia Cosmetics Galentines Day Inspiration

Nalia Cosmetics Luminous Serum Galentines Day  

Nalia Cosmetics Luminous Serum Galentines Day Picnic Inspiration Beach Rose Fruit Sunset 

If you can’t organise an event, don’t worry just send a note, text or call your besties and let them know how much they mean to you. 

Enjoy the event planning and tag us in your Galentine’s Day celebrations as we would love to see them! @love.nalia


@love.nalia Cheers to Galentine’s Day 💓 #galentinesday #picnic #fyp #beach #beachgirl #beachlife #event #sunset ♬ Chill Vibes - Tollan Kim


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Love the team at NALIA

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