10 Questions with Our Founder Piyané, Talking Self-love, Manifesting & more

We wanted to give you an insight into our team and family at Nalia Cosmetics with 10 questions to our incredible Founder Piyané. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Instagram Live! To watch the video click here or watch below.

Meet the team:

Piyané, Founder of Nalia Cosmetics; Entrepreneur 

Hosted by Tia Metaxas: Digital Marketing at Nalia Cosmetics 

Co-hosted by Tino: Instagram Creator at Nalia Cosmetics  

Special Guest: Isla, Dog Queen at Nalia Cosmetics 

10 Questions:

What is self-love to you?

“Love is action. If you have let’s say your mum around the corner, and you’re sick, and even if your mum doesn’t feel like it, she has to go to work whatever, she still drops by to bring you lasagne or soup, to me that’s love. That’s what I do for myself. When I want to do self-love it’s not a feeling of self-love, I need to love myself but it’s more so actions. Discipline is one of them. Do something that makes me feel good.” Piyané

“Self-love involves a bit of selfishness. Putting yourself first. We can all practise self-love in small ways everyday. Forgiveness for yourself for any mistakes you’ve made. Giving yourself extra time or grace for anything you want to do.” Tino

“Self-love is a a reflection of how I see myself and the world. It is definitely about action. You can think all these amazing things, but it comes down to how we treat ourselves. It’s the routines and rituals we have that keep ourselves feeling amazing and how we care for ourselves.” Tia  

What is your #1 Skincare rule?

“Never sleep with make-up.” Piyané

“SPF – always make sure you are covered from the sun.” Tia 

“Keeping your skin hydrated, no matter what.” Tino 


Do you believe in manifestation? 

“I do 100% strongly believe in manifestation. Everything around you in this room, is a manifestation of someone from someone.  So everything you see that is man-made is literally manifestation.” Piyané

“Everything that we do have within our lives we didn’t have those previously. So we put a thought and manifested for that thing to come to life… You have to believe within yourself first for something to come to life.” Tino

“I have learnt to manifest in the past few years and it is life-changing. We are so powerful. It’s not always about attaining – sometimes it’s about experiencing. Nothing is out of the question. If we all have that mindset more, then we are so much more empowered to achieve our dreams and manifest the rest.” Tia 

Coffee or Tea?

“Today coffee but it changes depending on the day. My go-to tea is green tea with honey.” Piyané

What is something you can’t live without?

“My daughter. But that is someone, not something. If we are talking about skincare, facial mist. I couldn’t live without it. But drinks or food, I can’t live without tea or coffee.” Piyané

What’s in your handbag right now?

  • Tote bag is the go-to bag at the moment 
  • Makeup /Skincare goodie bag
  • Tissues, even used ones, are a must
  • Hand cream
  • Nalia Luminous Serum 
  • Charlotte Tilbury makeup products 
  • Headphones 
  • A4 exercise book to draw and scribble in 
  • Energy mist spray 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Lip Oil ft Clarins
  • Cards
  • Keys 

What is something you wish you could tell your younger self?

“Everything is going to be ok. Don’t stress  over small things. Little things, big things, you will overcome it all.” Piyané

“Have that self-belief and confidence because things seem really hard at the time, but always looking back things seem – oh wow, that happened in such a great way to help me get to a certain point.” Tia 

“Surround myself with people who I aspire to be like, or at a position that I would like to be at. Be careful about who I keep in my circle and noticing who is an energy giver and taker. Making sure I have a lot of energy givers in my life” Tino  

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your life so far?

“Don’t let your heart harden – no matter what, stay soft. Stay silly and be yourself.” Piyané

“Staying true to my authenticity and what feels right for me. A lot of the time it doesn’t make sense to even else. Learning to get in touch with my intuition and follow that no matter what that means. Really learning that it’s not about pleasing everyone else, it’s internal work to make sure you’re living your authentic life.” Tia 

“To not want to plan everything so much and not be scared of uncomfortable seasons. Because 9 times out of 10 it’s what brings you to a better place even if it’s not what you imagined.” Tino 


What is motherhood to you?

“To give her a good life, not necessarily to always be with me. Motherhood is beautiful when I don’t have to live in a confinement of what motherhood should be”. Piyané

What is your biggest passion / life purpose?

“My life purpose right now is to live every single day like it’s my last.” Piyané

“Trying to make sure I am present in every single moment and enjoying the best of life. Passionate about feeling present in the big and small times.” Tia 

“Trying to imagine the woman I want to be in the future and taking small steps to reach that.” Tino 

Audience Bonus Question: 

What is the biggest learning after launching Nalia Cosmetics?

“So many big lessons, if I have to name one, have a clear plan and clear execution. Some people may be beautiful and nice, but can’t execute tasks so being able to recognise that and have a clear plan – that’s what really makes a leader.” Piyané

Special news: we have new products launching soon including a moisturiser, cleanser and duo mask set. 

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Thank you for reading.

Love Nalia 

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